This woman is 97 years old, but her physical fitness could be the envy of many a teenager. Get to know her secret!

Some are serious since childhood, others always retain something of being a child. 97-year-old Jane, known as “Dancing Jane”, belongs to the latter group. She really is a fantastic oldie!

Thanks to her, the concept of “age-appropriate behaviour” takes on a whole new meaning!


Jane absolutely doesn’t care what people think about her. She’s never under stress and lives as she likes.

What is interesting, is that at the age of 85 years she began to inspire others to action with her attitude! Her recipe for well-being is simple – life should be full of love, fun, a sense of humour, and… dance of course, which has allowed Jane to maintain strength and energy till today.

What more could you want? 🙂 See this remarkable film about Dancing Jane :).

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