This woman not only has the best job in the world, but also a great salary!

What would you do for a salary of $ 32,000 a year? Most likely a lot. This is how much an employee who is responsible for taking care of pandas in a Chinese zoo earns. Really, it’s not a joke! The woman spends her days in the company of the charming animals, sharing all their joys and sorrows, and also making sure that they’re safe.

This is her only responsibility. Obviously, it is a very responsible job, because pandas are under special protection in China. Killing a member of this species carries with it the death penalty. This strict law is in place to protect these loveable animals from extinction.

The only downside to this job is total dedication, which you have to give wholeheartedly. Job Candidates for this position are chosen very carefully, since a lot of patience is needed when working with these sweet creatures.


A worker dressed in special protective clothing cares for and cradles the youngsters.