This Woman Rescued A Pit Bull, But No One Told Her About The Possible Consequences…

Pit bulls are one of the most underrated breeds of dogs. They have a reputation of aggressive and dangerous, and therefore in several cities in the United States there are projects to prohibit their reproduction. There are even some places, where you cannot live with a pit bull under one roof with other people!

Fortunately, there are people who do not believe in unfair opinions about this breed and they courageously speak and write about it.


One of such people is Ashley Gulla. The woman describes on her blog her adventures and mishaps with her rescued pit bull gracefully bearing the name Romeo.

It started with the fact that Ashley decided to take home the pit bull that was in a difficult situation. Initially, for a few days.

The girl knew from the beginning that the dog is grateful for her rescue. No one, however told her how her life will be like with a representative of a dangerous breed … so Ashley wrote a letter, which was titled: “What should I be told before I saved my pit bull.”

“They told me that this dog is strong. It weighs about 67 kilo, can be disobedient, but after an intense workout it should be better. I thought to myself: I will cope with that. But after some time I realized that I should be told something else.

This dog is an adventure.

You will experience the most beautiful years of your life with him!

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