This woman’s son died in 2013. Three years later, a little girl came to her and said: Listen!

Three years ago, Heather Clark experienced a real tragedy. Her seven-month-old son Lukas died as a result of a severe beating from his babysitter’s abusive partner. The woman decided to donate his organs for transplantation, so as to save the lives of three other children.

Lukas’ heart was received by 18-month-old Jordan Drake, who was born with a malformation of the mitral valve. The girl underwent successful organ transplantation surgery and three years later, thanks to the organization Donor Network of Arizona, met with the mother of the deceased boy.

I love this girl. Even though I haven’t seen her yet, I can’t wait to hug her – said Heather, excited before the meeting.


When the awaited moment of the meeting finally came, Heather approached Jordan, and took out her stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat of her dead child. It was a very emotional moment, which the woman will remember for the rest of her life.

Lukas could never sit still. This is certainly his little heart – she said, moved.

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