Three brothers are extremely lucky, because their dogs are taking care of them. It’s as if they’re from the fairy tale Peter Pan

Peter Pan and his adventures are known to children from around the world. One of the characters in the fairy tale was an extraordinary dog named Nana, who took care of his siblings. As it turns out, similar situations happen in life.

The Mitchell’s have three sons: Lenox, Cruz and Tegan, so they don’t lack responsibilities. Two Newfoundland dogs help in caring for the children. Nothing would be unusual about this, if not for the fact that the size of the pets is exceptional!


When the Mitchell’s bought their animals, they didn’t know how purely bred their dogs would be. After some time, it turned out that the dogs not only have an extremely gentle and friendly nature, but also extreme sizes. The older dog’s name is Ralph and he weighs 124 lbs. and the younger one’s name is Boss, and he currently weighs about 154 lbs., but is still growing and can increase his weigh to up to 198 lbs. in the future. The owners aren’t bothered by the above-average size, and their only drawback is overabundant drooling.

Having such dogs appears to have more advantages than disadvantages.

The whole family was surprised at how fast the dogs grew and gained weight, but the vet said that the animals are healthy. Their size makes them unique, and the dogs are all that the children see in life. The boys are certainly extremely lucky, and their friends must envy their dog guardians who look just like the wise and brave Nana, who accompanied Wendy, John and Michael.

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Cuddling up to such a dog is pure joy.


The dogs accompany the children in daily activities.


It’s hard to go for a ride with a giant Newfoundland.