Three stories which lead to reflection and show how we perceive the world and ourselves

The way in which we view the world determines our reality, because to a large extent, how we live, what principles we believe in and what kind of people we surround ourselves with, depends on us. In life, it’s easy to get lost and lose our sense of direction among hundreds of truths and values which box us in from all sides.

The challenges that life brings make us forget about what matters most and that being noble in what we do may not be the easiest road to take, but certainly the most appropriate one. Below you’ll find three short stories that will make you reflect and ask yourself this question: what kind of person am I, if this is the way that I behave in life?


The story of a Samurai

In Japan, in a small town far from the capital, lived an old samurai. One day, when he was giving lessons to his students, a young fighter came to him, known for his ruthlessness and cruelty. The young soldier was very fond of provoking others to start an altercation, though he didn’t always win, because blinded by fury, he made a lot of mistakes during the fight. This time, he chose the old samurai as his target and began insulting him using the worst possible words. The old man, however, remained untouched by his words, so after some time, the warrior got bored of calling him names and returned home, angry and tired.

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Surprised by the old samurai’s behavior, his students asked him why he allowed himself to be insulted or did he remain quiet, because he was afraid of a physical confrontation with the young muscular man? The old man answered their question with another question:

If someone comes to you bearing gifts, but you don’t accept them, who do those gifts belong to?

All the students responded in agreement that to the one who brought them. The elderly samurai responded:

The same goes for hatred, envy and swearing. Until you accept them, they belong to the one who brought them and they can’t hurt you.

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