Tiny hands as a symbol of remembrance. A father commemorated his son in a wonderful way

Brad Kearns, the manager of a gym in Tuggerah, Australia is a happy father of two great kids. Unfortunately, his first son was born dead. If not for the tragedy, today he would have three fantastic sons.

The whole family was rattled by what had happened. Especially on Father’s Day, which in Australia takes place on the first Sunday of September, Brad goes back in his thoughts to what happened years ago and imagines what it would be like if little Buddy was alive. This year, he posted something very moving on Facebook. Take a look at what he wrote.


Do you remember the first time you touched your child’s hand?

How you brushed your thumb against their little fingers and then took their entire hand and put it in yours? You were certainly surprised by how defenseless they were.

Holding a child by the hand, you promise them something silently. You promise to protect them and take care of him. Give them your all and try to be the best parent in the world.


I lay on the floor in my sons’ room, slowly drifting away. I think of my promise, and look back in time. I hope that I will do everything that I promised.

I think of those tiny hand prints on my neck. These hands are a symbol of remembrance. They belong to our first son. His name was Buddy. It wasn’t going to be his name forever, that’s just what I called him at that time. When I saw him for the first time, he was calmly sleeping. He was my little friend. The tattoo of his tiny hands reminds me of him every day.

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