To light a match, you do not have to rub its head against the side of a matchbox. Just do THIS!

The invention of fire was one of the greatest achievements of our ancestors. Initially it was lit by rubbing two pieces of wood in such a way that the abrasive fibers were spontaneously combusted. Over the years the methods have changed and sparks were obtained by striking. Later came lighters and matches, without which today we cannot imagine life.

What would you do if you ran out of matches while grilling or starting a fire? Would you be able to kindle a flame in some other way? If you were a scout, this task would not constitute any problem for you, but for most people it would be a mission at the least.


If it happens that you can not light matches, because the box in which they are located, is damp or the surface, on which the you have to rub the match is worn, what do you do? You do not have to roll up camp and resign from the bonfire, just rub a match against another match, as shown in the cutscene below.

It is worth noting that currently the majority of matches light only by rubbing the head on the guide bar (rough surface on the side). It therefore makes spontaneous combustion caused by friction with other surfaces impossible. This is made possible by phosphorus matches, which can be lit, by rubbing, for example, against the sole of the shoe.