To Save Her Kittens, The Mother Passed Through The Flames Five Times. See How The Story Ended!

It’s hard to look for more powerful force than the bond between the mother and her children. Most women are ready to go into fire for their offspring. Some cat mum from New York has treated her duties very literally.

She returned to the burning building to save her kittens five times. Scarlett with her kids lived in an abandoned garage in the suburbs of New York City.


One day their house suddenly burst into flames. Fire-fighters extinguishing fire suddenly saw a female cat rescuing frightened kittens from the burning building.

Their mother had to face the conflagration five times to save all of them. The heroism of the cat had its price. Her fur was partially burnt and her paws were burnt to the bare skin.


As a result of the burns she could not open her eyes. Despite the pain, she remained with her kittens, touching each of them by her nose. She wanted to make sure that all kids are alive.