A cruel man throws a dog into the ocean and pulls him by the neck on a leash. What could you have in mind to torture a trusting friend?

Dogs will take away every wall that a man will make, will give him life and will not let him do anything.

But mankind often cannot boast about having such qualities. People not only abandon animals but also treat them as toys. Like things that can be abandoned when they get bored, get rid of them and not care that these poor ones left alone often die in a cruel way. Innocent creatures pay for human laziness and inattention.

When you buy or adopt a dog or a cat, you have to be aware not only that it is a creature, but that it will go around the house waiting to get our interest. Because if not, animals will find their own activities, and then the problems begin – biting shoes or destroyed furniture. You also have to remember that the damage is inevitable, and you should not be allowed to live with a dog or cat.


What was sitting in the head of a man whose behavior was recorded, nobody knows. Because it’s hard for a normal man to understand why a man did that. The man threw the leash into the bubbling water, which was icy! And then he pulled the dog’s neck out, and repeated it several times. Only when passing people began to protest did the the man give up the dog.

As witnesses say, it was a nightmare, the dog was very tired in the raging and icy waves. It turned out that the dog was on this “training session” were to do more. The man without mercy put him into the water and subjected him to the challenge. The police and animal protection services of the man appeared to be out of place. The investigation is ongoing and, as the police are seeking, punishment of the tormentor of the dogs is being discussed.