Tourists were shocked when a crack showed up on the Glass Bridge in China. It’s an entire 3,540 ft under their feet

The 3,540  ft high long footbridge made from glass in the Yuntai Mountains – in the Geological Park in China – cracked on Monday under the feet of tourists. It happened because a tourist walking along it dropped a cup made of stainless steel. The glass footbridge was opened on September 20th and is the second one of its kind in China. The first one hung in the spot of an old bridge above a mountain valley and requires a lot of courage to walk across, since it literally hangs between peaks.

The news about the suddenly cracked footbridge terrified the Chinese. They were told that it was made of a few layers of glass, 2.7 cm thick, which is able to carry up to 800 kg of pressure on every square meter, meanwhile it cracked after a cup fell on it.

The glass plates were specially manufactured, which is why they need to wait. For now, they don’t know when it will be reopened.

“I suddenly heard a loud bang, and the path under my feet started to curve”.


“I looked down under my feet and one piece of glass was broken”.


“I don’t know what was the cause of it, but many people were screaming. The person responsible yelled that he really broke the bridge! Then he pushed through the people and ran off. It was really scary.”