The staff of the circus tied the tiger to the barrier only to allow visitors to take pictures on his back! This is bestiality!

Entertainment for one cannot be a harm to others.

Circus art was born in antiquity and quickly gained followers. Acrobats, dancers and quad races attracted crowds to the famous Roman Circus Maximus. Later on, the program of the shows presented in the arena expanded until the mid-18th century began to show circus performances similar to today.

Contemporary circus art consists of four elements: acrobatics, dance, balancing and animal training. While the first three spheres of circus activity are endorsed by all, the use of animals for performance in the arena is highly controversial.

The presence of animals makes many people not even want to hear about a circus visit. The Internet is full of recordings showing how drastic the way animals are treated to teach them different arts and tricks.

Closing animals in tight cages, continually transporting them and forcing them to perform unnatural activities causes their lives to become hell. Animal rights defenders are fighting so intensely for it to be absolutely forbidden to show animals in circuses all over the world.

It is difficult not to support their position, especially when watching Chinese circus recordings, where the animals are tormented to the limit, only to make the most profit.

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