Transform your leggings into a shirt with one cut. Take a look at how easy it is

Clothes are a woman’s second skin, which is why their closets are bursting at the seams, since a lot of clothes for different occasions have to fit in there. Also, lying at the bottom of these closets are even more clothes, which haven’t been worn for years, but can’t be parted with for unknown reasons.

Women rarely get rid of clothes without regretting it. Usually, clothing that no longer fits or has gone out of fashion ends up at the bottom of the closet, waiting for better times. If in such a pile of unused everyday clothing you have a pair of leggings, we’ll show you how to give them a second life and quickly transform them into a shirt.


You don’t have to be a seamstress or be great with your hands to undertake these small clothing alterations. It’s more important to have an imagination, be clever and invest a little time and effort to create a completely new and stunning creation. Below we present how to make a shirt from a pair of leggings, which can even be accomplished by a novice, who has never held a sewing needle before.

1. Place the leggings on a flat surface


2. Fold them perfectly in half


3. Locate the rough semicircle in the crotch area, where the material is double in thickness.

You’ll find further steps and an instructional video on the next page.