Twin brothers married Hindu twin sisters, but that isn’t the weirdest part. Find out who announced them man and wife!

A special and unique wedding recently took place in the St. Xavier church in the Thissur district in Kerala (south-western India). What made the ceremony different from others is the fact that two pairs of identical twins stood in front of the altar. But that’s not all.

The young priests who were performing the ceremony were also twins, and next to the brides and grooms stood two confusingly similar to each other pairs of children. It isn’t known how the newlyweds met each other and how they managed to gather so many twins in one place. This was most likely not a coincidence and everything had been carefully planned beforehand.


Dilraj and Dilkar, two identical twins, decided to marry identical twin sisters Reem and Reen.


To everyone’s surprise, the young priests performing the ceremony were also twins, but those weren’t the only surprises.

The Indian wedding was attended by even more identical twins, but more on that on the next page!