Two boys were playing in a yard. After they started digging in the ground… they dug up a Ferrari

The search for missing treasure probably fascinates all children. As children, we often dreamed with our friends about finding a great chest full of gold and jewels. For this reason, we searched in nearby parks, playgrounds and abandoned buildings.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything, but some boys from California had incredible luck! When digging in their own backyard, they stumbled on something metal. They were greatly surprised when they found out that they found a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS!


This story took place in 1978. At once, they called an investigation team, which concluded that the car was deliberately hidden with the intention of being dug up later. There’s a lot of evidence that show this, among others, the careful covering of certain parts with towels and the protection of ventilation holes. They finally concluded that the Ferrari was bought by Rosendo Cruz of Alhambra (in the same year, he reported the car’s theft). He hired thieves who had to steal the car for him and hide it in a safe place. He wanted thereby to extort compensation. They decided to bury it next to a house, which the family of these happy discoverers have bought.

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