Two children were switched at birth in a hospital. The truth came to light 56 years later!

Apparently a mother’s heart is never wrong and this is indeed the case, as proven by Mrs. Reed’s feelings. When the woman was brought her newborn daughter to the hospital room, she immediately knew that it wasn’t her child. Unfortunately, no one would believe her then. 

On May 3, 1956, in a hospital in the state of Oregon, U.S.A., two girls were born. Unfortunately, their mother had a strange feeling that the children who were brought to them and whom they are taking home aren’t their biological children. The hospital staff effectively dispelled the concerns of the women and for 56 years hid the truth about the tragic mistake, because the girls actually were switched at birth.


Kay Rene Reed and DeeAnn Angell lived with different families for over half a century. As they mentioned themselves, they had always felt that something was wrong in their family homes. They noticed that they didn’t fit in with the other family members, clearly different not only in appearance, but also character, which made them feel like outcasts. Despite their doubts, they never brought the subject up, acknowledging that sometimes even if you have the same genes you can be different than your loved ones.

Which of the girls would fit into the family in the picture?

Perhaps the two ladies would’ve never learned the truth about their origins, if it hadn’t been for a mysterious phone call from a stranger to the woman’s brother, Kay Rene. The woman who called told him that she knows some interesting facts about his sister. She confessed that she knew Kay Rene’s mother, and that she’s the neighbor of another family where his biological sister is most likely living. As proof, she showed him a photo and the person in it clearly bore characteristics features of the Reed family.

Newborns are very similar to each other, but later everyone reveals their individual features.

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