Two puppies fell into a well, in which there was a cobra. That’s what happened later, which contradicts all logic!

In the Indian district of Punjab two tiny puppies slipped into a deep well. They were not alone there! In their company was one of the deadliest snakes in the world – the Indian cobra. To everyone’s amazement he did not attack the dogs.

The mother of the frightened puppies walked all the time around the hole and barked loudly. Finally, someone heard her voice and came to the well. The man who first arrived at the place could not believe what he just saw. He said that the snake guarded the pups and did not allow them to go to the other side of the well, where there was still a lot of water.


It was estimated that the three “friends” stayed there 48 hours! Amazingly, none of them were harmed. Someone called the service department of the forest, which quickly set the animals free. The cobra was released into the forest, and the puppies were placed in a safe place.

It’s amazing, how nature manages to surprise us. It would seem like the snake would want to harm the dogs, but things turned out quite differently. Without any pictures, probably no one would believe it!