Two years after the death of his wife, he heard her emotional confession. The message also concerned his current partner

David Schmitz’s wife, Brenda, died of ovarian cancer in August 2011. Before her death, she wrote a letter to the editor of KSTZ radio, which she requested her friend send. The radio presenters decided to fulfill her last wish and following the instructions contained within the letter, invited David to the radio.

The husband had completely no idea of what to expect from this visit. His life had finally started getting back to normal. He met a new woman, with whom he had plans to get married.
He was surprised when he heard his late wife’s voice on the air:

Hey, it’s me. If you’re listening to this, it means that I’m no longer alive. This is a message for my husband, to be heard only when your life will return to normal and you’ll have found someone with whom you’ll be happy with.



Brenda exchanged 3 touching wishes. The first one concerned Jayne, David’s new partner and stepmother to her children.

Thank you for everything. I love you, whoever you are.

The woman asked the station to sponsor a relaxing visit to the spa for Jayne.