Two years ago the world was fascinated with his prison photo. Now he is free again, but his life has changed a lot

Sometimes one moment can suddenly change your whole life and bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Professional modeling is quite a desirable career in the modern world. Success in the fashion industry is no longer just a girl’s dream, also boys want to hit the runways and pose in front of the lens, because it is a very lucrative job.


A good model must have three traits: be a tall person, be remarkably handsome and have charisma in their eyes. These requirements reduce the chance for most dreamers who want to get on the catwalks since only a few have the prospects to succeed and stay in the profession longer.

Usually anyone interested in working as a model is signed up at an adequate agency and searches for luck there, but Jeremy Meeks did not have to do that, because in 2014 his prison photo fascinated photographers, designers, and all the women in the world.

Jeremy was recently released from prison. If you want to see what he’s doing now, see the following pages of the article.