Unbelievable! Canadian researchers have discovered that a popular plant combats tumors more effectively than chemotherapy!

Cancer is becoming more frequent in the XXI century, which affects, among others, the lifestyle of modern societies. Unfortunately, prevention isn’t always effective or the lack of it makes many people suffer from this terrible disease. Researchers from Canada bring such people hope, because they have discovered that the use of dandelion root effectively destroys cancer cells.

The dandelion is an unusual plant. Employees of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor found that it contains substances which destroy cancer cells in as little as 48 hours! It is a shockingly good effectiveness level, which is higher than that observed in currently available treatments.


A great advantage of the root of dandelion over chemotherapy comes from the fact that when treating with its use, only harmful cancer cells are destroyed, whereas the healthy ones belonging to the patient, remain untouched. This foretells great progress in the treatment of patients with cancer, because so far the fight against cancer greatly destroys patient’s bodies. Thanks to the root of the dandelion plant, patients will have a chance of recovery without further deterioration of their health, being a side effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

A huge healing power lies in the root of this plant.


The test results on the plant are very promising and therefore work on the use of dandelion in the treatment of tumors continues. The first people are already evaluating the effectiveness of the therapy, i.e. 72-year-old John Di Carlo, in whom it was found that after four months of drinking tea with dandelion root, his illness remissed.

Medicine is constantly developing, and every day brings us closer to the discovery of medicine for previously incurable diseases.