Unexpected beginnings of international companies. You won’t guess, how the world’s tycoons have started

Even the biggest companies had to start with something. Often, before they made any ingenious discoveries and become retail elephants in their fields, they were making totally different products. Sometimes things, that they were producing are so different from their contemporary projects that it’s hard to believe it is true.

See how empires started and convince yourself, that you can become a millionaire too 😉 it’s never too late :).


1. Sony, at the beginning of its business, was known as a company producing pots for boiling rice.


2. LG, now, among other things, a specialist on TV’s and screens, started with the production of powder for cleaning teeth.


3. Nokia earned its first money on paper and rubber boots.


4. Toyota was producing sewing machines. What’s interesting, it continues to make them.