United till their last breath. 2800 year old skeletons have been found and they look like they’re kissing!

In 1972, skeletons of two persons were found in the ancient city of Teppe Hasanlu (north Iran). Scientist claimed that they belonged to man and a woman, who died around the year 800 B.C. Most probably their grave was used as shelter from the war battle happening in the city. When the hole in the ground collapsed, the couple most probably suffocated to death.

Centuries later, mankind got to see what digs revealed. The way the bones laid suggested that the man was covering his partner while she was kissing him. From that time the couple became known as lovers who united in their last breath. They also became examples of never ending, true love.



A similar example was found on a building site in Modena (Italy). The love-struck couple had held hands for 1500 years!



This is a picture from the digs in Mantrui not far from Verona, where William Shakespeare placed the plot of “Romeo and Juliette”. The man and woman from the Neolith were only found in 2007.

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