A few fantastic ways to use Christmas tree lights. See how you can use them!

Usually tree lights are used to decorate a Christmas tree or home during the Christmas season. It’s also an inseparable part of balcony decorations, shop fronts, bars, and department stores.

But you should remember that they don’t only need to be used as a seasonal decoration, and they also can be used after Christmas for cool purposes too. See a few curious inspirations made from Christmas tree lights.

1. A fire at home? Why not!

In order to make this beautiful decoration, you need to prepare a few sticks of different sizes, glue, aluminum foil, some material, and a few bright stones. A step-by-step instruction of how to make everything is given in the picture.


2. Galactic bottles

If you want to get the effect of shiny bottles, then all you need to do is cut out a hole in the bottom and push inside the Christmas lights. For a better effect, try using bottles in different sizes, colors and shapes.



3. Shiny writing

If you have an empty wall in your room, which you don’t know how to furnish, then use the idea shown in the picture below. You need to stick in a few small nails in the wall and hang some lights on them.


4. An untypical Christmas tree

In this case you need to prepare a few birch branches, old window frames and the Christmas lights, of course. The whole thing looks really nice!



5. A party decoration

The lights work well as an addition to the décor of various parties, like birthday parties or for New Year’s Eve. They also look great wrapped around variously sized circles or hula-hoops.