Veterinarians from the animal emergency room received a report about a dog seen wandering in the street. When they arrived, they couldn’t get over the shock!

One sunny day, on one of the streets of Los Angeles, a woman saw a sick and lost dog. The animal was in such a terrible state that no one dared to approach him, but the woman took a picture of him and sent it to the animal emergency room.

It was clear in fact that the pup is sick and that there is no place where he could seek help, and most likely there wasn’t a lot of time to wait for it…


When vets arrived on the scene, they stated with astonishment, that the animal is a mix between a dog and a wolf, a so-called wolfdog! They had never dealt with such a creature before, but didn’t hesitate to help him. It wasn’t easy since the poor guy wanted to run away. For the volunteers, however, it was obvious that leaving him by himself is equivalent with his death, and so they weren’t discouraged by the difficulties. One of the men present during the rescue recalls:

The dog looked extremely exhausted and sick. He was severely bleeding and had suppurated wounds, additionally, he was so undernourished that you could see the bones under his skin…


The animal’s paws were also in terrible condition – being swollen, they made it difficult for him to move around normally…


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