Victims are reporting to their doctors after suffering burns due to use of a popular brand of antiperspirant. Look out for them!

23-year-old student Cooley Rodney thought that he’s allergic to personal hygiene products, when he discovered inflamed areas under his armpits. The doctor ruled that possibility out along with all other allergic reactions as the cause. He stated with confidence that they’re chemical burns. It soon turned out that the cause of Cooley’s problems was a well-known brand of antiperspirant – Old Spice.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only reported case. The internet was flooded with photos of other people who were also victims of the burns. Everyone complained about a nagging rash, blisters and burns just after applying the Old Spice product.


A spokesperson for Procter & Gamble stands firmly behind the product and despite many complaints, claims that the antiperspirant is safe to use.

First of all, we’re 100% sure that Old Spice is safe. Millions of men use it and the majority doesn’t report any problems.


Some cases of skin irritation are even from 2014. The product should’ve been recalled at that time, but it never was.

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