Visiting famous places is very different from the expectations which tourists have. Just take a look at these pictures

Vacation season is in full swing. Some people have already returned from their trips and some are just packing their suitcases, impatiently waiting for their planned attractions. Whoever has been on a vacation knows that not everything looks as beautiful at your destination as imagined before leaving.

Where we go on vacation depends on many factors, including the attractiveness of the place where we are going to relax and the tourist attractions which can be seen in the area. Famous places attract the most tourist attention: with numerous monuments, an interesting and centuries-old history or with spectacular and eye-catching attractions.


If you also want to travel to a popular destination, recommended in every tourist guide, be warned that their character and atmosphere will differ greatly from the pictures presented on postcards or in travel agency brochures. Here’s the evidence:

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa, where everyone takes an original photo of themselves lifting the tower up with one hand


2. Beautiful sandy beach in Rio de Janeiro isn’t in fact deserted, as it appears on postcards

On the following pages of this photo gallery you’ll find, among others, photos from the Maldives, Venice, Egypt and Santorini, as well as photos of Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China