Want to know what your life will look like? Just take a look at your palm

Love determines many decisions that a person makes and gives life meaning, that’s why we all dream of it and look for it. It’s difficult to wait patiently for what fate will bring, so in order to satisfy our curiosity we can take a look at our palms, and their appearance may reveal some secrets about our future love life.

The human hand is a vault of knowledge in the world of fortune-telling. Its numerous lines provide guidance to all aspects of human life and its nature. On the inner side of our hands we find, among other things, a line which can tell us about our success in love. Take a look with us and see what their appearance means.


The lines on our palms and fingerprints are formed in the 3-4 month of human fetal life. Wrinkles on the hands prove useful in stretching the skin and make it easier to squeeze objects. The appearance and thickness of the ridges is different for every person and their shape is impacted by genes or race. There are three lines which are the most visible, one of which is the line of heart, beginning between the index and middle finger and running onwards, circling the indentations (mounts) just under the fingers and ending at the “mount of Mercury” (part of the palm under the pinky finger).

The line of heart is the first line below the fingers.

The line of heart relays information about all the emotional issues of a person as well as determines their sensitivity and sentimentality. It describes a person’s attitude towards other people and emotional involvement in building relationships with them. Additionally, it can indicate health problems.

The appearance of the line of heart tells us what kind of emotional life we’ll have.

Line location:

If your line runs right underneath the mounts (indentations under each of the fingers), your sense of reasoning has the biggest influence on the decisions made by you. If the line of heart runs quite low, you probably trust your intuition and heart more.

On this hand, the line of heart is located very low.

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