After seeing this 6 second video you’ll want to quit smoking right away! It won’t make you think twice

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. It’s usually a long process that requires a lot of patience and strong willpower. There are many reasons for why it’s worth doing, such as lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart attack, bad breath, and gray skin. In spite of knowing how damaging nicotine is, many smokers can’t quit this destructive habit.

The dangerous sounding warning labels on packs don’t scare them, neither do social campaigns that come up every now and then in the media. Thanks to this video, maybe someone will finally realize that smoking is nothing good.

This is how the lungs of a healthy nonsmoker look like.


This is how the lungs of a smoker look like. Because of regularly breathing in tarry substances, carbon monoxide and nicotine, they are pitch-black. These dangerous substances lower the amount of oxygen delivered by red blood cells.

They make our main respiratory organ very dirty and a smoker risks getting lung disease and tumorous changes. Do you still think that smoking isn’t a dangerous habit?





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