War changes people. Here are the photos of 12 soldiers taken before, during a tour and after travelling to Afghanistan

War, regardless of what noble motives are fought for, always carries with it destruction, suffering and death. Fighting with weapons in hand, living in constant fear and uncertainty and the incumbent responsibility for the fate of the country, it changes soldiers not only mentally, but also physically.

The idea to demonstrate how war changes the face of people came to the British photographer Lalage Snow. As he admits, he was moved not only by a desire to make the public aware of how war affects soldiers’ lives, but also personal motives drove him, because his father was a soldier. Thanks to Lalage, he established a fantastic relationship with the warriors, which helped him in the implementation of the project, which was called We are not dead. For models he chose men serving in Afghanistan, which had pictures taken just before departure, during the change of quota, and after their return. To better present the hell of war and its effect on the human psyche, the soldiers gave short interviews.

1. Private Faiser Pairman


2. Corporal Sean Tennan


3. Corporal Martyn Rankin


4. Private Dylan Hughes