Watch 22 beautiful murals from around the world, almost rivaling the works in the word’s best art galleries!

Art comes in many forms and recently enters the public space in cities, making them more beautiful and distinctive. Many people complain about the appearance of their cities being ugly, gray and sad.

Old shabby houses scare passers-by and disfigure more modern streets so people are looking for creative and inexpensive ways to beautify destroyed buildings. One solution is to paint a mural, which will not only cover the ugliness, but also impress people with its beauty or encourage some reflection.


Murals are large drawings, which are painted on the walls of buildings. A characteristic feature of these works is their size, usually at least a dozen square meters. The subjects of the murals vary and it is important that they carry a specific message. Artists involved in street art are very creative and very often play with perspective, so their murals draw attention of both passers-by and tourists.

Here are the 22 most beautiful of the world.

1. Washington, USA A


2. Bergen, Norway