Watching this animation will take you 4 minutes, but you will remember the message it carries forever!

Life, death, transience … These topics are at up to date in November more than in any other month in the year. We meditate on the meaning of existence over the graves of our loved ones and during conversations with friends and family, remembering those who until recently were among us. This difficult subject interests artist as well, motivating them to work with both reflection and meditation.

One such moving work is the amazing “The Life of Death” animation that really grabs one by the throat and moves one’s heart.

Its main character is Death personified. We meet her at a time when she wandering through the woods and, with a gentle touch, taking life away from animals …


… both those at their will’s end…


… and those that do not expect her.


Everything changes when she meets a charming deer that takes her heart and becomes her greatest love. Will Death fulfill its original intentions towards the deer?

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