Watching “Titanic”, you have certainly not paid attention to this old couple. This is what happened to them – it is very touching

James’ Cameron “Titanic” won as many as 11 Oscars. It talks about real events taking place in 1912. The „unsinkable ship” collided with an iceberg and claimed the lives of over 1,500 people.

Watching the film, most people focus on the love of the main characters – Rose and Jack, but it is not the only touching love story, which took place during the cruise. Another couple is also noteworthy.


The elderly couple lying on the bed surrounded by icy water, Isidor and Ida Straus, had seven children and they were a very loving couple. They decided to sail on the virgin ship of Titanic with their maid and butler. As the ship began to sink, Ida found her engagement ring and wedding band, and packed them in a tiny bag with all the special gifts received from her husband.


The lifeboats were first made ready for the passengers of the first class. Ida did not want to part with her husband and steadfastedly refused to enter to the boat. Finally, upon Isidore’s persuasion, she decided to abandon ship. To everyone’s surprise, upon several minutes, she turned taround. She did not want to leave her spouse on the sinking Titanic.

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