We disclose Albert Einstein’s letter to his daughter. Its content is surprising!

At the end of the 80’s of the 20th century, the aged daughter of Albert Einstein, Lieserl, donated 1,400 letters written by her famous father to the Hebrew University, stipulating at the same time that their contents may see the light of day only upon the passing of 20 years from the death of famous physicist.

One of the most moving letters, treats about that universal force – love. Its unusual content can be found below.

Few understood me when I presented the theory of relativity. What I want to reveal now, may also meet with a lack of understanding and prejudice.
Please guard the content of the letters as long as you find it necessary or until you find that society is ready to accept what I write below.

There is a huge force which science, so far, is not able to officially explain. It is a force in itself, affecting all the other forces, standing above all the phenomena that exist in the universe and one that so far no one could understand.

This universal force is LOVE.


Scientists trying to find a unified theory of the universe forgot about the most powerful of all forces.

Love is light, illuminating those who bestow it and others who receive it.

Love is gravity, making some people attract the other.


Love is power, multiplying the features that are the best in us, winning against selfishness, which can lead people astray. Love develops and reveals.

We live and die for Love.

Love is God and God is Love.

That force that explains everything and that makes life start making sense.