We drink this poison almost everyday and have no idea how much damage it does to us

Most of us probably don’t give much thought to what happens after drinking a can of cola. Generally speaking, I don’t know much about the beverage, other than the fact that it has a lot of sugar.

The pharmacist Dr. West Conner decided to take a closer look at the popular soft drink. He shared his results on a blog. Find out, what he wrote.

The first 10 minutes after drinking the beverage.

10 teaspoons of sugar that we drink hit our body hard. That’s almost 100 % of the recommended daily allowance for that ingredient! Phosphoric Acid makes the bevarage more acidic. This gives us the feeling of refreshment and prevents us from throwing up because of the high dose of sugar.


20 minutes after drinking the soft drink.

The amount of sugar in the blood flow spikes in an alarmingly fast pace. The liver tries to change it into fat.


40 minutes after drinking the beverage.

Caffeine is almost completely absorbed by the body. The pupils dilate, blood pressure rises and the amount sugar in the liver rises. It result in throwing out of it almost all blood. Adenosine receptors found in the brain are blocked, which means that we feel less tired.



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