We never know when we will meet our best friend. Sometimes it can be a very unexpected encounter…

The work of policeman is full of challenges, dangerous occurrences and heartbreaking situations. Fortunately, many of them result in a happy ending, which no one would have expected. This was also the circumstance of an intervention, which went to an American police officer.

Unfortunately, there are people who cruelly treat animals, for example, by abandoning defenseless puppies for death. Such a situation occurred in Florida where near the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a center for animals, someone left a basket with 8 tiny canines. The temperature was very low, but the puppies warmed each other and survived the night and in the morning they were found by the staff of the institution. The puppies were taken immediately and surrounded with proper care.

Abandoning animals should be severely punished.


At that time, police officer Marcus Montgomery, partook in another intervention related with animals, which is why he had to go to PAWS. He didn’t expect while coming inside the center to see the love of his life: a charming puppy, abandoned last night. As mentioned by the witnesses of that incident, the dog immediately clung to Marcus and it would not leave his arms. The officer decided that he’ll take the dog, so he made the request for its adoption, and thus gained another faithful friend.

The police officer and the dog were made for each other.


The puppy joined a pit bull called Vader, whom Marcus roofed shelter with for more than three years ago. The puppy, like his new “elder brother”, was given a name inspired by the saga of Star Wars – Kylo. This story shows that it’s always worth keeping your eyes open so as not to miss someone who can become our friend and a cause for joy.

Vader got a new companion to play with.


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