Wealth and poverty have divided the world since the beginning of time. This short video will make you realize that your wallet has nothing to do with happiness

Money has been an inseparable part of our world for several centuries. Unfortunately, the desire to possess it causes many to overlook important values in life and the desire to find ways to multiply their fortune becomes a goal in itself. Therefore, it is worth remembering that money does not bring happiness.

Mark Twain wrote a book titled “The Prince and the Pauper,” which is a moving and gripping tale of two young boys and the power of wealth. The lessons learned from this book have been reminding people for many years that they shouldn’t judge a person by their wealth. Today, when young people are less likely to reach for a book, this message was included in a short video made by students.


“My shoes,” that’s the title of the video, will have you rolling on the floor laughing. It shows that possession, a value that we praise in our consumer world, is irrelevant, and that judging a book by its cover is just silly. As you can guess, the main characters in the video are either extremely rich or poor, and a switch of roles brings some unexpected results…

This video should be shown in schools, workplaces and on television every evening before the news.