These newlyweds took their parents’ wedding day. They did it for one special reason

In wedding receptions, supposedly the place is the most important.

Couples usually choose charming glades, mountains, coasts or parks. Sometimes they go to places that are particularly sentimental. It also happens that they venture into places they have always wanted to visit. Here there is no rule, only one goal – photos taken during such sessions are to be a memorial for a lifetime. That is why they have to be special and unique to want to come back to them.

Newlyweds take care of every detail. They choose the photographer who best fits their aesthetics and wait for the right weather. A wedding is a series of preparations, a bit of stress, but also have a significant effect. Although lovers are not always beautiful and phenomenal, these pictures make them look like young gods. They are unrecognizable. Captured with dazzling smiles, they are in their best poses.

But not everyone likes these types of pictures. Nature lovers do not see in them anything but artificiality. This does not mean that they have to resign from the photos. A couple from Essex Park, Connecticut, decided to give up on this perfect cover and unblemished photos. The honeymooners selected a different story and showed who they would take the example of on how to live in harmony and love. Humble photographs conveyed a very important truth, which did not obscure the wonderful outdoors or unusual circumstances.

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