What does divorce do to a family? These simple illustrations not only answer this question, but also encourage deep reflection!

Divorces are associated with broken hearts, disappointment, pain and severe loss.

It is sad that after several years of being together, two people decide to live separately. They used to be madly in love with each other, and there seemed to be nothing and no one to separate them, and now they are alien to each other and practically do not have anything to talk about. After years of feeling burned, it is important to maintain and encourage love each day.

Even after years of being together, you should not give up on compliments, romantic dinners, small gifts or whispering sweet words in your partner’s ear. These apparently banal behaviors improve the relationship between spouses and make their two lives a lot happier. Sometimes, nothing can save a marriage. Still, the third most common cause of dissolution is an outside relationship. One of the partners falls in love again and wants to leave the spouse.

At the split, those that suffer the most are the children who feel torn and abandoned. They do not know which side they are going to take and start looking at their parents as the cause of their biggest problems. Often the babies close themselves off, they have problems at school, they start to rebel and they show aggression. These problems could have been avoided if the partners had to part ways to split up, yet it would still be best if they did not.

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