What does being a mom mean?

Motherhood is a full time job, for which unfortunately there’s no salary. Sometimes, you have to be available 24 hours a day and no one acknowledges that you’re unavailable or just want to relax.

Although the father should also help in caring for the children, usually the entire responsibility falls on a woman’s shoulders, and the man only helps out from time to time. It isn’t easy, but somehow you have to deal with it, even when there’s nobody supporting you.


Being a mother means…

Knowing all the tunes from cartoons.

Having company always and everywhere.

Doing a thousand things at one time.

Reading your child’s mind… and predicting their behavior.

Giving away the last piece of cake, even if you’d like to have it.

You’re a cook, maid, teacher, nurse, waitress, an assistant and a police officer at the same time.

Despite the enormous effort you put into the care and upbringing of a child, you’re happy because you know it’s a job that gives you the most satisfaction and a toddler’s smile is the only reward you need!