What else do you see in this picture apart from the wall? Nothing? Look closely!

Sometimes a skillful selection of colors, contrasts or perspective can perfectly fool our brains. Sometimes we see something that doesn’t actually exist. It seems to us that some of the images switch places or move, but they’re actually static and never change their position.

Will you be able to solve the puzzle in this image? Clearly, it’s a picture of a wall, but there’s something else there. Can you point out what it is?


To make it a bit easier, we’ll enlarge the picture. Do you see it now?

No! It’s not a small gray stone sandwiched between the bricks, although at first glance it looks like it! It’s a much larger object!

The solution can be found on the next page, however, try to put some effort into it and solve the puzzle yourself! How many minutes did it take you to solve the mystery? Comment below!