What happened to this couple, who had adopted a newborn child, restores faith in God

Having children is a great joy and a gift which makes a family complete. Children are huge drivers of motivation, and their presence gives life meaning. Unfortunately, not all couples can have children, which for them is a great tragedy.

When health problems don’t allow a woman and man to have a child, another possibility is adoption. Such a decision was made by Walt and Annie, whose story is real proof that adopted children have long been meant to be with their new family and that they’ll be loved sincerely and unconditionally, the same way as parents love their biological children.


Walt and Annie grew up in the southern United States. They lived next to each other, so they’ve known each other since childhood, and when they grew up, true love brought them together. After some time, Annie told Walt that her maternal instincts have kicked in and that she dreams of having their first daughter who she’ll name Chloe. This information greatly surprised Walt, who confided to his girlfriend that during his childhood he had a dream, a vision from God in which he saw his future daughter, who was named Chloe. Because of this, the couple recognized that parenthood is their calling.

Walt and Annie were in love and planned a future together.

Happy and in agreement, they married, but at the beginning they traveled a lot, working on missions trips, enjoying their love and interesting life. Talk about their child surfaced after a few years. The spouses decided that the right time had come, since they had matured enough for such a serious step in their lives. Unfortunately, their efforts to have children didn’t bring any results. After 4 years of trying, the doctor’s diagnosis proved to be clear: from a medical point of view, they cannot have children.

The only thing keeping the couple from being fully happy was a child, but doctors didn’t give them any hope.

It was a big blow for the couple. They really wanted to be parents and couldn’t accept the fact that they would never hear the cry of a newborn in their home. Desperate, they decided to visit the adoption center as a last resort, though they weren’t fully convinced with the idea of taking in orphans. They feared that they would never be able to love their adopted child as much as a biological child, but their doubts were cleared up in an unusual way.

The decision to adopt is always difficult, and the future raises many concerns.

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