What happens to your body when you swallow chewing gum? You have to read about it!

I remember how, since childhood, my mother warned me never to swallow gum, which does not dissolve. Despite many efforts of not doing so, sometimes it happens that gum unfortunately goes down to the stomach and I had to keep it a secret somehow.

From time to time someone tried to threaten me with unpleasant consequences. It has been claimed, for example, that the decomposition of gum in the human stomach takes seven years, or that it interferes with the digestive system. Is it true? No! This greatly exaggerates theories, in which we should not believe!


Unlike other food products, we are not able to digest it, but we can eliminate it without any health consequences. When you chew something in your mouth, the digestive system immediately gets a signal that it will receive food soon. Then it prepares for digestion, which includes increasing bowel movement.