What length of hair do you wear most often? Your choice of hairstyle says more about you than you think

Hair is an important part of our first impression. It’s an indicator of our personal hygiene level, self-interest in appearance and taste. Which hairstyle we choose is important because it affects our facial features and also conceals details about our character.

Being aware of how much beauty hair can bring, we try to take care of it. This is most commonly done by women, most of whom spend a lot of time and money on their care, cutting and dying. Men pay much less attention, but each of them secretly dreams of a lush hairstyle, without any hair loss or bald patches on top of their head.


The first step in choosing a hairstyle is to decide on the length of the hair. Some people love long hair, considering it feminine, while others love short hairstyles because they’re refreshing and comfortable. As it turns out, the hair length we have is affected not only by a momentary trend or fashion, but also our character. Hairstyles are a reflection of what’s inside us, so take a look at what it says about you.

There are four basic hair lengths:
hair 1

1. Short hair

Do you enjoy meeting new people and are you well-perceived by others? Sometimes you act without thinking, but when you encounter serious problems, you know how to deal with them. You’re able to think through a situation, find the cause of the problem and make an attempt to eliminate it. People with short hair usually enjoy their jobs and have a hobby.

Do you have hair that ends just below the shoulders or is completely long? If so, be sure to take a look at the next page.