What sheets do you sleep under? If they’re black or red, be sure to read this article!

If you’ve never struggled with the problem of pests in the house, you are in a group of real lucky people. These uninvited guests are extremely hard to exterminate. They can make life difficult and leave painful bite marks.

Have you ever heard of a pest called the bed bug? No? Maybe you have it at home and you don’t even know!


1. The spread of pests in houses and apartments intensified when thrift shops and discount clothing stores surfaced. Although the used clothing is treated chemically, you can never be 100% sure that all the bugs have been killed. Even if you don’t bring any clothes home with you, there is a probability that a bug stuck to you when you were sifting through the clothes racks.

2. Do you travel and stay at hotels frequently? Those places have little in common with hygiene and are frequented by many different people. Because of the cost, the mattresses are rarely replaced, and that’s where most bugs are present. You’re probably wondering what the color of sheets has to do with them. They’re definitely connected!




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