What these people eat to survive is a heartbreaker. You certainly wouldn’t put this in your mouth, but they have no choice!

Sometimes parents, wanting to urge their child to eat, say that somewhere in the world there live malnourished children who can only dream of such a meal. In practice, this doesn’t always work, because kids don’t understand these types of arguments. A better solution turns out to be bribing them with candy or going out for ice cream with the whole family.

Stories about children dying of hunger aren’t only supposed to produce a sense of guilt and hunger. Often they show the reality in many poor countries of the world.


According to the FAO, in the United States alone, 1.3 billion tons of edible food, safe for consumption, is thrown away annually. This brings the government $750 million in losses. With such widespread hunger in the world, throwing away so much food is simply unthinkable.


Haiti is a country where many people must survive a day for less than $2. Children can only dream of eating candy, meat or even fruits. Their parents don’t have enough money to buy basic food, so they are forced to prepare “cookies” which will help them survive.

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