What this 10-year-old does for a blind deer every day will melt your heart. There should be as many people like this as possible!

Helping animals is a fantastic act of kindness, which should be practiced as often as possible. Thousands of people from around the world support animals every day in various ways. They feed them, work as volunteers in shelters or take in poor animals from the street. It’s beautiful how they not only care about themselves, but also about the needs of living beings, which can’t take care of themselves.

Domestic animals are the ones that arouse the most compassion among people. Wild animals living in forests are usually left on their own. In this case, however, it was completely different.


When a10-year-old boy from a suburb of Chicago noticed a blind deer, he immediately knew that the animal needed help. The deer left his natural environment and moved into an area inhabited by humans. He wasn’t able to find food on his own, so the boy began to help him.


Every morning he led the deer to a place where there was a lot of grass and waited until the animal was done eating. He led the animal gently by the neck and made sure that a car wouldn’t hit him.

When the story of what the boy was doing spread, a local animal rescue organization took the appropriate steps and rescued the deer. Because of the animal’s blindness, it was decided that he wouldn’t be released into the wild.