What you see in the picture says everything about you! Check your first impression and learn something about yourself

Our brain is amazing, it sees many things, but in order to not go crazy, it ignores them.

We come to the world with genetic baggage, inheriting gestures and behavior from our ancestors, it cannot be concealed. However, we are mostly molded by everything we experience. Every meeting and every more or less important event can leave a mark on our whole life.

Smiling psychiatrist showing two different pictures

That’s why people who work with other people – psychologists, therapists – often ask their patients about associations they have with drawings, prints and objects. Specialists are able to infer a lot from drawings, which might be drawn by children, and from expressions used by adults.

You can also try for yourself and learn something about yourself by checking a text that tells you something about you too. Look at an image and select one of the four answers choosing what you saw first.

AN EXPLOSION, A TREE, A HAND, OR MAYBE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? On the following pages you’ll see what your choice says about your personality.