What’s inside the end of a banana? We disprove myths and confirm facts!

Banana is the most eaten fruit that we reach for. It is easy to store, easy to peel and eat. In addition, it provides the body with a lot of good energy. It’s full of benefits, but a lot of myths that linger to this day have accumulated around the banana.

Just for you, we’ve decided to investigate the facts and myths about this popular fruit. See what you believe, and what is really just a rumor that has been repeated for years.

1. There are giardia at the end of a banana – MYTH

There is no possibility for bananas to have parasites from this family. Poisoning, which happens after eating a banana, is only our fault. If we reach for the fruit with dirty hands, and in addition if we eat an unwashed fruit, we increase the risk of disease.


2. We can catch tropical diseases from monkeys – MYTH

Those who believe that they can catch tropical fever from monkeys, don’t acknowledge that bananas are picked green, and monkeys don’t eat them. In addition, they’re coated with chemicals that don’t give bacteria any chance of survival.


3. There can be snake venom at the end of a banana – MYTH

Snakes, if they’re already poisonous, don’t bite into the ends of bananas, but only into the pray that they can eat. Therefore, it’s a myth that snakes specialize in nibbling on the ends of bananas.