What’s this little piece on chopsticks for? You’ll be surprised when you find out!

Did you know that chopsticks are the most popular cutlery in the world used by more than two billion people? If you still can’t use them, you can always learn. It’s not that hard! With just a little practice you’ll become a real master!

Ever wondered about the tiny fragment that links the two sticks? It turns out that this isn’t an extra part. It was put there on purpose, because it has some uses.


Many people think that the wooden rectangle is used to hold the sticks together and thus makes it easier to hold food with them, but nothing could be more wrong. This part should be broken like in the following photograph and put next to the dish with food. It acts as a stand for the chopsticks. It probably so that the part you put in your mouth doesn’t come into contact with a dirty tabletop.

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