When an online troll attacked participants of the paralympics, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not hesitate to crush him in the comment section

We don’t know what drives people who sit in front of a computer to criticize and mock others.

We all have dealt with a troll on the Internet who spends time writing nasty and false comments. Everything is wrong to them, if someone is fat or athletic, healthy or sick. And if someone has achieved something, they are already a target of such individuals. Why is spreading such poison the sole comfort in their life, everyone has terrible and good days, but that does not mean that because we are anonymous, we can offend others.


Most people do not even pay attention to such trolls because that’s what they want. However, sometimes it’s hard to ignore them when they are commenting about, for example, people with disabilities, in a cruel manner. Making fun of others due to their independent flaws makes the commentator look very bad. This was the case for a man who commented on Schwarzenegger’s picture with disabled participants in the paralympics. Arnold uploaded a photo with the caption “These guys inspire me!”

He didn’t have to wait long for the stupid comment you can read on the next page.